About Toyoda Shihan

O'SenseiShihan Fumio Toyoda was the force of organizational and technical leadership that drives our practice of aikido. The word "shihan" is translated to mean "teacher of teachers". This reflected Shihan Toyoda's responsibility not only to teach Aikido, but to instruct his students to be competent teachers themselves.

Born in Japan on November 8, 1947, Shihan Toyoda began his study of Aikido at the age of I0 at Chushinkan Dojo in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. After earning his shodan at the age of I7, he was accepted as uchideshi (resident apprentice) at the Ichikukai Dojo in Tokyo. During this time he also pursued a law degree at Senshu University. After graduating from Senshu University, Shihan Toyoda lived as uchideshi at Aikido World Headquarters (Aikikai Hombu Dojo), and there began his career as a professional, full-time instructor.

Toyoda Shihan recognized the growing need for more full time, qualified Aikido instruction, and made a personal commitment to spread the art and philosophy of Aikido beyond the shores of his native Japan. Beginning in 1974, Toyoda Shihan began spreading the teachings of Aikido throughout North America. That year, he established the Chicago Ki-Aikido Society and began an intensive schedule of travel and seminar instruction.

In l984 Toyoda Shihan set about the task of organizing and establishing the Aikido Association of America as an independent organization.

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