About Aikido

A Japanese martial art derived from classic samurai weapons work, Aikido emphasizes leverage, timing, and energy to neutralize an opponent's attack. Literally, Aikido is translated as Ai (harmony), Ki (energy), and Do (way or path) or the way of harmonizing energy. Hence, Aikido is a wonderful art for children, women, and men of all ages, teaching its students coordination, stamina, balance, grace, and calm. For the most part, Aikido teaches four things: joint locks, pins, throws, and strikes. In Aikido, we have no trophies, competitions, or contests. We do, however, have promotion tests so students can advance in the art. Ultimately, Aikido is a path for one's self-realization, a way in which we can polish our inner spirit.

Philosophy : At the very heart of Aikido lies the belief of being natural, yet the ability to be natural, direct, and pure is difficult to manifest and express. Those whose Aikido seems most effortless demonstrate clear intention-their Aikido shows a congruence of body, mind, and spirit, a direct connection between thought and action, an elegance in which there is neither excess nor deficiency. Everything is significant and at the same time nothing is over valued. O Sensei called Aikido "the art of peace," but this in no way minimizes the martial or warrior nature of the art. Simply put, Aikido expresses body/mind connection in which the inner and outer self is the same. Aikido is usually seen as a defensive martial art, but in order to do good defense, we also practice good offensive strikes and grabs. Ultimately, offense and defense are the same. Clearly, Aikido is a wonderful and effective martial art, providing many other benefits: stamina, balance, control, breathing, mental and physical acuity, calm, and stress reduction. At its best, Aikido training can help people negotiate conflict on and off the mat. Because we are non-competitive, Aikido is done in a spirit of cooperation and non-judgment.

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